20 Chosen words selected for the Lessons when having a Coffee, You'll be able to Mingle with Kiwis 'easy as', as We Aotearoans Say. If you come to Aotearoa, much Respect for a Tourist that is showing so much Respect for Some Ones Culture. I’m sure that we would all feel the same about that. Another Reason why, MANA is within Everything that is Anything. And that’s why, we say, MANA is Everything.


Aotearoan Was Spoken in my Country from the very start, in Fact Aotearoa wouldn't exist without the Original Aotearoans, The Maori, and that’s the Foundation of which our Customs come from, from Way Back then till, Right Now. And the Fight that My People of Old, The Maori, those Aotearoan’s, Won the Fight, for if they would have lost…My Culture, the Culture of Aotearoa wouldn’t be here. That is just one of the Reasons Why Our Aotearoan Culture and Most Everything About it, Holds ‘MANA’

Aotearoan Design and Art

The OG Kiwi’s spoke and recorded our History, our Stories and our Myths within their Art & Design. Kind of Like Egyptian Hieroglyphs but think heaps heaps Deeper. They Did this in Weaving and Wood, The Pictures and Symbols they Use held much more than just a word in a sentence, but a Power and Meaning which intensifies the Mana of Maori Design, Aotearoan Design, Right Up till today. And that includes the Spoken Word, of Aotearoan and it is 20 of those Words that the Lessons in Aotearoan, I will Teach You. While You Drink Coffee when you buy a Language Cup.


Lesson 'Tahe' and Lesson 'Rua'

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Sugar Anyone...?

How many Sugars do YOU take with your Coffee?

Know Someone Who does... My Boyfriend My Girlfriend the Misses that Someone Special Your Mum or Dad The Boss The Cat Aunt Betty A Walrus My Mate Sniff a Clown did I Mention your Mum? I did.. Didn't I..??? Shit, I can't really Remember I'll just say it again Your Ma or Pa's Your Sister Your Brother Your Priest You know the one that... isn't a Perv. Who Ever You do Buy it for... Remmember always this.... ….. shit, did I just spell Remember.. with 3 m's...? ah, Shit, . ... ...... Shit, sorry i just dropped my Fagg. oh wait!!! When I said Fagg I didn't mean.. You know.... The Eh... ....ehhh.... Boys that love the Penis and Balls. I...Personally, .... Think that there should be, HEAPS more of them.... ....Think About it..!! the more gays for other Gay guys..... means .... Heaps more Wahine for us…!!! ..... Deep Respect for Knnowing that For us Hetroes…. I mean it. I love you guys.!!! ..but…you know… Not like that!!?! …. But... Ah Shit!!!, Did I just spell knowing with 2 n’s…. I’m tired. At a Library, …. Time to go Home. But before I go. I would like to say… To All of you.. ….. Eh…. Well… Maybe not all of you…. .. The ones… that, DIDN’T BUY THIS COFFEE CUP!!!! So, It’s NOT for them, But the Other guys… The One’s that Did…. The One’s that Support this Project, SAFE BARS Aotearoa. To All of You Guys, And the Gay Guys… Definietly. Stay Safe And Learn and ….. SHIT!!, Did I Just Spell Definitely wrong..!!! Ah Man…. …. Now I have to go through… The Whole FU%$$E^n thing Again…. …Ahhh,…. ….. ….. …zzz… Zzz…zzz…

Human Resource Development (HRD)



We Learn Faster Together, As a Species, US Humans do so much Better in most things If ‘WE’do it ‘Together’.

So that is why, The Language Cup teaches everyone you drink your coffee around, and that is most likely your Mates or your Whanau.

The Best of YOUR Humans to Learn with. and in HRD those Cool Classmates will Learn.