SAFE BARS Aotearoa

Kia Ora and Welcome to the SAFE BARS Global Community Project.

Please take a Look around and learn about how this Global Community Project works and how to get onboard and take part in bringing the First Hospitality Community Safety Model into Aotearoa. ‘New Zealand’

Who we Are

The Global Community

We are made up of people from all around the world who have come together to place a first of its type, a ‘Hospitality Safety Model’ into the Global Industry, starting with Aotearoa. (New Zealand)

Right now we are fundraising for the Project through a variety of methods.




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Hospo Industry Designed

This is an Industry Led Project, the People who have worked upon the creation and design of the Model for its purpose of protecting people, all come from and work in the Global Hospitality Industry. As most projects are either Police Led or Council Led projects, this for the first time is an Industry Led Community First Project.

What does the Hospo Safety Model consist of

The Hospitality Safety Model is made up of 3 Main Sections. Each Section is designed to operate in conjunction with the other 2 sections and by doing so the Safety Model dramatically Reduces the Risk of Violent and Sexual Violence towards the Staff and Patrons of the Nightclubs, Bars and Venues which operate the Hospitality Safety Model.


Protection and Deterrence. The Shield is a Lawful Universal Banning System of which protects the community by identifying and prohibiting Violent and Sexual Offenders from entering Venues which operate the Hospitality Safety Model


The Safety Model can only be operated by senior staff that have undergone specialized Human Resource Development. This Development has been designed to ‘Upgrade’ already existing staff from the Venues who operate the Safety Model.

The ZERO Tolerance Policies and Protocols. (ZTPP).

The ZTPP sets down a Level of operations which are enforced by the Assets the Venue has operating the Model. The ZTPP have been designed so as to incorporate the community awareness of a new culture of safety that should always be provided and expected.

Protecting our most vulnerable

It really is about creating a Hospitality Industry that protects one of our most precious assets, Our Wahine.


We have chosen Queenstown, which is Aotearoas busiest Tourist resort. There are many reasons why we have chosen Queenstown, but the big one is that we want the Safety Model to start protecting the Global Community, as it is the Global Community Project. 

Female Tourists

Queenstown has 100,000’s of female tourists visiting in 2023, we want them to be as Safe as we can make them, when they are out and about. The Only way to create that Safe Environment is by having the Hospitality Safe Model in operation in Queenstown. 




SAFE BARS identifies and targets those persons whom commit Sexual Assaults upon Wahine in our community.


High Risk Violent Offenders who commit serious violence towards anyone within the community.


These types of people are the ones whoms behaviour is anti-social but doesn't reach the level of a crime under the New Zealand Crimes Act 1961, but are found to repeat the same type of behaviour when out at night.


Those people who commit crimes against Elderly, Children or Baby's. Vile offenders are high risk of Grooming parents of children, so they are identified and prohibited.

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Fundraising & memberships

To bring the Hospo Safety Model into Aotearoa and operate it for a period of 12 months will take a lot of Funding, as we are a Global Community Project, we are funding the Project ourselves. To do this we have created a Funding strategy so as to give as many people from our Global Community the ability to join us and help support in bringing the Project forwards.


This project is a first and it is one of many firsts, as it’s a first to raise funding through a YouTube Channel, it’s a first to open up a membership to the Global Community to come join the Project Team, its the First Hospitality Safety Model to be introduced to protect the hospitality industry.

This Project exists because of our Team Members support, and as we move forwards we aim to create the biggest project team ever, and all doing a good thing for everyone. So come Join the Team and play your part in bringing the Project SAFE BARS to Aotearoa.